I got google confused :)

Setting three different locations to be "home" within less than a 12 months period got my google maps app nuts! let alone my poor sense of direction!
From Doha to Cairo, then from Cairo to North America! From a villa to an apartment and now a bachelor's appartment. where is home?!
I had many homes through out my life, Libya, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain,  Doha... It added to my personality, yet confused my sense of stability!
Through time I evolved into finding a home within me! I usually get to find comfort by building connections with places, people and most importantly spiritually connecting with myself.
Every thing in our life is a variable, that changes at one point of time, finding the only constant is what could give us a sense of "home" no matter where, who or what that might be.
I found "home" in my relationship with Allah! I found stability in his words and I found peace in submitting to his guidance.

It is a trip that we have to go through... so with the right tools ... it should be worth the effort...

let us enjoy it... as much as possible ... !


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